Exciting News… I found out my placement!

Today I found out where I would be spending the next year of my life… Ongole, India! I also was told more about my project and what my role will be there, which I’m am so pleased with. It is also so great to know about the area I will be going to and living for 12 mouths, and it is making it even more real that I will be leaving so soon!

I will be working in Andhra School, it is a primary school situated in the heart of Ongole, a bustling Indian town of 400,000. My role will to be teaching English to students from pre-kinder (aged four) up to 12 or 13. I’m really excited to be able to share my knowledge through teaching, to help any students having problems and to make the best difference to the students lives that I can!

I am also excited as there is the opportunity to set up extra-curricular activities and clubs after school. Especially as PE is not included in their timetable, so there is room for me to set up some sports.

So I thought it would be nice to show you where about I will be, so here are a few maps. I have also already looked it up and I am only 10 miles away from the beach! And there seems to be lots of transport links for all around India for when I am going to travel 😀

On another note, I am definitely going to melt… 🙂


I will let you know as soon as I know anymore!


About hannahsyearinindia

Hello! My name is Hannah Chambers, and in 2016 I was selected by the charity Project Trust to take part in a 12 month overseas placement in India this is an incredible opportunity to be able to go for so long and therefore be able to fully immerse myself in the culture. This means that in August 2017 I will be flying to India as a Project Trust volunteer! On this website I hope to keep you updated throughout my journey in getting there, from fundraising and training to actually being out there! Have a read and hope you enjoy!
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