Happy (belated) Diwali

Diwali was this week and it was amazing! Diwali is the celebration of when Krishna defeated Narakasura (a demon). Or the victory of light over darkness, good over evil.

In the lead up to Diwali you could occasionally here a loud bang (which I now know is a lakshmi bomb) but nothing could prepare me for the overload of noise and light that followed. Catherine and I celebrated with the hostel kids – in particular the boys! As they were desperate to light the ‘bombs’ and fireworks, with each of them fighting over it each time. The girls we shyer when the loud bombs came out so stayed back with the sparklers or lighting candles around the street.

The only way I describe Diwali to someone who hasn’t experienced it is Fireworks night without any of the health and safety. Little boys were lighting crackers in their hands and then throwing them, bombs were being light, and if there were any impatient boys around, they would either poke them or the ‘safe’ option throw stones at them to make them go off faster. I was in my element, lighting fireworks with the boys trying not to get hit to many times by crackers, whereas Catherine was a bit more uneasy with the noises so enjoyed the sparklers with the young children.

The night ended with my ears ringing and smelling of gun powered. And once all of the fireworks had been used, the girls came out and we swept the road to get rid of all of the rubbish even though it was the boys (and me) who had made the mess.

It was a fantastic celebration and I can’t wait to throw myself into the next festival!


About hannahsyearinindia

Hello! My name is Hannah Chambers, and in 2016 I was selected by the charity Project Trust to take part in a 12 month overseas placement in India this is an incredible opportunity to be able to go for so long and therefore be able to fully immerse myself in the culture. This means that in August 2017 I will be flying to India as a Project Trust volunteer! On this website I hope to keep you updated throughout my journey in getting there, from fundraising and training to actually being out there! Have a read and hope you enjoy!
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