About Me

Hi there!
Thanks for trying to find a bit more about me, my name is Hannah Chambers, and I am a Hills Road student currently in my last year of A levels. I am studying Biology, Geography and Maths. From these I want to continue in education and go to university  to study Biology. But before I do this, I will be going overseas for a year to work in India for 12 months. I will be teaching there and this will be a new, and hopefully amazing experience.

In 2016 I was selected by the charity Project Trust to take part in a 12 month overseas placement in India after a intense 4 days on the Isle of Coll. Before travelling up to Scotland (which was a experience in itself!) I knew almost nothing of what I was in for. After an amazing week which I will cherish, I was chosen to be sent to India for 12 months.

This website/blog will be the process of fundraising before I get to India and during my year teaching. This is such an unmissable opportunity as I will be having the chance to help people whilst experiencing a completely new culture and fully immersing myself into a new community.

I hope you enjoyed this small insight of me and what is to come and if you have any questions about my project don’t hesitate to ask 🙂