Training week

So last week I made the trek back up to Coll, just like I had to do almost a year ago, although this time I did not have a travel buddy and almost missed my flight, but I made it none-the-less! Before getting to backpackers so many thoughts we rushing through my head, what if I’m a terrible teacher, what if my project partner doesn’t like me. But it turns out I didn’t need to worry and I had an amazing week.

The week has made me so much more confident about my year away, not just the teaching aspect, about how to fit in with the community, how lovely my partner is and how I know it will be amazing even though it will be riddled with ups and downs and that’s okay.

I also got to meet some amazing people, I met half of my country group which couldn’t be nicer and spent the week with other country groups – Sri Lanka, Senegal, Japan and Thailand. All of them amazing people I’m really excited to spend the next year with 🙂

It’s incredible what can change in a week and how teaching two lessons has made me so much more confident in what I will be doing. We had talks on classroom management something that had been worrying me as in India corporal punishment is not uncommon but we learn other ways to manage the class in a more positive way. We also learnt the basics of teaching have helped me so much, which I really owe to the Project Trust staff. And in an amazing lesson completely in Thai where we learnt how to chant pineapple – Sapparot!! I also managed to win the proud title of ‘Geek of the week’ for my knowledge of insurance 

I also found out the date I will be leaving! 8th of September – only six weeks to go 😀 This is definitely not the easiest journey and I have always known this but training has reinforced to me just how important and incredible it is going to be. I can’t wait for the next year of my life.

I also just wanted to thank all of the Project staff who helped (especially Rosie), as well as the amazing summer staff who helped to keep us laughing all week.













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Car-boot success!

So today was my last fundraiser, a last push to raise the last bit to get to £6200 before my training in Coll next week. And let me just say, it was a long day! Me and my mum were up at 5.30 so we could leave the house and get to the car-boot at 6 in the morning. Which then lead to an hour unpacking the car (which was almost bursting) and setting up all of our items to sell. Though unpacking was made slightly harder by dealers looking into the car as we unpacked asking what we had.

So after a long 6 hours of standing next to our make shift stand we managed to raise just over £130! And so I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who donated items for me to sell and to my mum who help throughout the day and getting ready for it 🙂

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Work Experience

Now I have finished my A levels I have been thinking a lot about project trust meaning I now I have lots of activities on the go. But this week has been a bit different, instead of focusing on the fundraising side of it, I have been trying to gain practice and experience in teaching – seeing as that is what I will be doing for a year of my life

This has involved me going back to my old primary school for the past week. And once I got over the initial shock of calling my old teachers by their first name and hearing new kids singing the old songs I used to, it was an amazing week.

I spent most of it working in the reception class (for those of you who don’t know that’s kids aged 4-5). One thing that amazed me, was the difference in abilities, from kids who can hardly write their own name to those who choose to do 2 pages of homework just to show their teacher they can. This has meant that I have learnt some tactics to help with the range of abilities I am likely to find in India.

I have also learnt a bit about basic phonics and was shown a game that I would like to try out. And some really simple things about counting activities which was just naming a number that is less than another one, whilst this may sound simple, it’s not if you are 4!

I had an interesting experience of trying to teach maths to a reception student who’s second language is English and has learning difficulties. This was very changing for both of us not just with the language barrier (which I imagine I will be having all of next year), but finding ways to communicate was something I had not come across before. Though it was a great learning experience for me about what number bonds are and how to explain how to add up to 10!

As you can see from some of the photos, the reception has lodes of resources that the kids can use and play with, this is a luxury that I probably won’t have in India. This has been worrying me a bit so I am going to have to learn some games that don’t need much to entertain them before I go

The reception class whilst being a handful – though I have been told its just because we are near the end of term (I’m no so sure), have been amazing. Even though I have only been with them a week, they have made my week so special and made me feel at home. And they will definitely be missed.

I also got the opportunity to see some of the year 6 work books, meaning i have now seen the full range of ability from the level you start with to the level you leave primary school. This has been really beneficial and made me want to dig out some of my old books to see what I was up to.

Overall it was a really good week and I’m so glad I did it and I would highly suggest anyone wanting to do anything with teaching should try and spend a week in a primary school 🙂


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9 weeks to go!

So I have recently finished my A levels and have been relaxing for the past week. But it is now time to have my final push of fundraising before my training week where I will finally meet my partner who I will be spending my year with!

Next weekend I will be going to one of my local car-boot sales to try and sell a whole lot of items that have been kindly donated.

So suddenly I have realised there is a lot to organize, getting vaccinations, Visas, medical checks, sorting out money. But it is all part of the excitement 🙂

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Quick update

Hi all,

I just wanted to let you know I haven’t forgot about fundraising and India, but my exams have started so I’ve been very busy with revision.

Donations are still coming in so thank you, thank you, thank you!

And I will more active when exams are over.


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So close!

This week has been a roller coaster for my project trust journey, I found details about my placement and have had some incredibly generous donations, which brings my total to £5500!! (only £700 pounds off my target of £6200 😀 )

I am honestly speechless and so thankful for everyone who has ever donated anything, been to any of my fundraisers, and just been generally helpful and supported to me in this journey.

My next plan is a car boot sale as I have already had some items donated to me to sell, I am also thinking of a bag pack and a cake sale. So hopefully one final push and I can make it to my target


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Exciting News… I found out my placement!

Today I found out where I would be spending the next year of my life… Ongole, India! I also was told more about my project and what my role will be there, which I’m am so pleased with. It is also so great to know about the area I will be going to and living for 12 mouths, and it is making it even more real that I will be leaving so soon!

I will be working in Andhra School, it is a primary school situated in the heart of Ongole, a bustling Indian town of 400,000. My role will to be teaching English to students from pre-kinder (aged four) up to 12 or 13. I’m really excited to be able to share my knowledge through teaching, to help any students having problems and to make the best difference to the students lives that I can!

I am also excited as there is the opportunity to set up extra-curricular activities and clubs after school. Especially as PE is not included in their timetable, so there is room for me to set up some sports.

So I thought it would be nice to show you where about I will be, so here are a few maps. I have also already looked it up and I am only 10 miles away from the beach! And there seems to be lots of transport links for all around India for when I am going to travel 😀

On another note, I am definitely going to melt… 🙂


I will let you know as soon as I know anymore!

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