Christmas Greetings and a Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I hope 2017 goes well for everyone, I know it’s going to be busy one for me 🙂 With A levels on the horizon and going to India getting more real by the day, I have a lot to do.

Over the Christmas period I wrote Christmas cards to my friends and family, this sounds like something everybody does, but I also included my leaflet with the hopes that people were in a giving mood 😀

My next task is to organise my first big event which will be a quiz night! I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!


About hannahsyearinindia

Hello! My name is Hannah Chambers, and in 2016 I was selected by the charity Project Trust to take part in a 12 month overseas placement in India this is an incredible opportunity to be able to go for so long and therefore be able to fully immerse myself in the culture. This means that in August 2017 I will be flying to India as a Project Trust volunteer! On this website I hope to keep you updated throughout my journey in getting there, from fundraising and training to actually being out there! Have a read and hope you enjoy!
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